SLICE OF SOTTO {Dishwasher, Laureano}

Laureano was working in a theater in Santa Monica five years ago when his friend, Anna, called him to come work at a new restaurant in Beverly Hills, Sotto. He has been the resident dishwasher at Sotto ever since.

He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and loves Salvadorian food... he says the best Salvadorian food in Los Angeles is at Los Molcajetes (located at Hoover and 7th). He also enjoys going to Alahambra to eat a lot of Chinese food. 

He has a tattoo on his arm of a flower and the word "Margarita"... which was for an ex girlfriend in La Paz! 

Laureano is constantly snacking on crickets and brings them into Sotto for the rest of the team to snack on. 

He loves Winchells Coffee and when he goes he will bring home chocolate doughnuts for his two little grandsons to eat.