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Sotto Wine Director Jeremy Parzen, a native Southern Californian, first traveled to Italian wine country while a graduate student in Italy in 1989. He began writing professionally about wine in 1998 in New York, when he became an associate editor and chief wine writer at the historic magazine devoted to Italian gastronomy, La Cucina Italiana. Since that time, he has published numerous feature articles in magazines devoted to food and wine, ranging from Wine & Spirits to Decanter and Gastronomica. His blog, Do Bianchi, is one of the most popular wine and lifestyle blogs in the world of food and wine writing today. And he is often cited as one of the top Italian food and wine historians and authorities in the U.S. today. Jeremy grew up in San Diego, California, and completed his Ph.D. in Italian at U.C.L.A. in 1997.

The Sotto wine list is devoted almost exclusively to wines and native grape varieties from Southern Italy, with a short list of Natural wines made from international grapes grown in California. “Natural” wines are wines made from grapes grown using chemical-free farming and vinified using only native — as opposed to commercial — yeasts during fermentation. Many of the wines are “unsulfured,” meaning that no sulfites have been added (although all wines contain some amount of sulfites). Many of the Southern Italian wines on the list are also made by Natural winemakers.

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